Preparing your import file

You may need to edit your import file manually, before uploading, to ensure that your file has:

  • Only the required text
  • No blank cells
  • One fuel transaction per row

The following guidelines will help you prepare your fuel purchase file for import.

Note: Your fuel purchase file must be in Excel or CSV format.

  1. Remove non-relevant text, such as introductory text, sums, or averages. The first row should either be the header row or the data of the first fuel transaction. In the following example, ‘Vehicle Report’ and ‘Company No. 1234’ should be removed.

  2. Ensure that there are no blank cells by manually adding data where required. In the following example, location data should be added to the blank cells under ‘Location’.

  3. Ensure that your file has one fuel transaction per row and a maximum of 1,000 rows.

Note: If your file doesn’t have column headings, the Reveal labels are mapped to the column position (e.g. Column A, Column B) in the Map Columns step of the Upload Wizard.

In the following example, ‘Location name’ will map to Column C, ‘Street’ will map to Column D, etc.

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