Proximity report

This report allows you to see instances when your drivers stopped close to each other for a specified time period. You can see when drivers reached the location, their overlap time, and any idling that might have occurred.

To run this report, see Run a report.



Report options

  • Number of Stops required: Enter the minimum number of stops required to create a proximity incident.
  • Maximum distance: Enter a maximum distance between vehicles.
  • Minimum Number of Vehicles: Enter the minimum number of vehicles required to create a proximity incident.
  • Only Show Overlapping Stops: Select this option to show only those incidents when drivers stopped at a location at the same time.
  • Overlap Duration: Enter a minimum overlap time.
  • Ignore events in the following places: To open the popup window, click Select. Choose locations from the popup window and click Confirm.


Advanced options

  • Include closest x Geofences: Select the number of nearby geofences to display, from 1 to 5.
  • Show: Select from "Address Only", "Geofences", or "Both geofences and addresses" to determine whether to show the addresses of places, or geofences that you have created, or both.
  • Stop filters: Choose to include Both Ignition Off and Idle Stops (the start and end of a stop is measured by vehicle movement) or Ignition Off Stops only (the start and end of a stop is measured from when the ignition is turned on and off).
  • Hide Stops less than x minutes: Set the time (in minutes) from which a stop is shown. Stops that are shorter than this time are considered driving time and not displayed as a stop.
  • Include page break between drivers: Select this option to display each driver on a separate page. This separation can make it easier to carry out administrative tasks on the report.
  • Time Zone: Whether to base the time zone in the report on User, Vehicle, or UTC.
  • Include time range: Select the time range to include in the report.
  • Region: Select your country.

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