Verizon Connect mobile application distribution policy

This article describes how you can access Verizon Connect mobile applications.

How do I normally get access to a Verizon Connect mobile app?

All of our Verizon Connect mobile apps are released through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I get access to a beta version of a Verizon Connect mobile app?

For some customers, we offer controlled distribution of beta versions of our Verizon Connect mobile apps. If this applies to you, we will contact you and work closely with you throughout the trial process.

How do I control the roll-out of an app release to my end users?

You can control the roll-out of a Verizon Connect mobile app release by using mobile device management (MDM) software. The MDM software downloads the mobile app release from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and then rolls out the release to your end users according to your specifications.

Can I get access to the executable file of a Verizon Connect mobile app?

No. We do not give customers direct access to APK or IPA files.

Can I sign my own mobile app software?

No. Verizon Connect signs all releases internally and does not provide the facility for any customer to sign Verizon Connect software.

Can mobile application names be customised for me?

No. Verizon Connect applications are made available under a single package name (Android) or bundle identifier (iOS). Verizon Connect does not facilitate the distribution of applications on a per-customer basis.

What iOS and Android mobile operating system versions does Verizon Connect support?

The operating system versions that we support are listed on the Verizon Connect mobile operating system support page.

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