Review a vehicle or asset’s activity with Replay in Spotlight

From the Map screen in Spotlight, you can open Replay and see a timeline of the vehicle or asset’s activities for a selected day.

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At-a-glance journey view


For an at-a-glance view of the journey timeline, do the following:

  1. Tap a vehicle or asset on the Map.
  2. Tap Replay.
  3. Tap the calendar icon in the top right corner to pick a date. You can view activity from up to a year, depending on your data plan.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. The Activity tab shows a journey’s:
    • Start and end addresses

    • Start and end times

  6. Swipe up to expand the screen.
  7. Tap the Summary tab to see journey metrics, including:
    • Distance
    • Driving (time)
    • Stops
    • Stop time
    • Idling time
    • Charging time (electric vehicles only)
  8. To hide the details and expand the map, tap anywhere on the map.

Timeline journey view

To expand the journey timeline do the following:

  1. In the Activity tab, swipe up or tap View entire journey to see: 
    • Start times
    • Stop times
    • Addresses
    • Vehicle status after a stop, such as moving or idling.
  2. To go to the detailed journey view, tap on any event.

Detailed journey view


For a more detailed view of the journey:

  1. In the Activity tab, tap View entire journey to see information about each part of the journey at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Swipe sideways at the bottom of the screen, or tap the plots on the map to see:
    • Journey start and end times.
    • Stopped details, including when and where the vehicle stopped.
    • Idling time, including where the vehicle was idle and for how long.
    • Moving details, including the start time, end time, moving time, moving distance, and driver name.
    • Latest location of vehicle.
    • Battery status (electric vehicles only).
    • Speeding events including mph (or km/h) and speed limit.

Read Electric vehicles overview.

View speeding events

To view speeding events in Replay, do the following:

  1. Follow the first four steps from At-a-glance journey view.
  2. Select a date where there are speeding events.
  3. The Activity tab shows the total number of speeding events on that journey, just below the address information.

  4. To interact with the speeding events, tap View entire journey.

  5. The detailed view will show you exactly at what plots of the journey there was a speeding event. Find the moving segment with speeding events and zoom in to the individual plot points. Tap on the plot points with orange indicators to see details of the event. The card will highlight the exact details and include:
    • The time the speeding event took place
    • The speed of the vehicle
    • The speed limit
    • The address of where the event occurred.

Note: By default speeding events are highlighted at 5 mph (1.3 km/h) over the limit. Admins can change this in settings in Reveal. For details on how to do this, go to My Benchmarks.

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