Edit an alert

Once an alert is created, it can be edited from any of the three tabs in the Alerts section of Reveal.


Use the EDIT button, or the pencil icon 360006491059-5dd2b35b81b64.png beside that alert, depending on which tab you are using. A new window will open.

When editing an alert, you have the following choices to make:

  • Alert Options

    Triggers: Each type of alert has a trigger that will set it off, and options for that trigger.

  • Resources

    Alerts applied to: Edit to control if the alert applies to your entire fleet, or a particular vehicle, driver or group.

  • Alert Recipients

    Alerts will be sent to: Edit to control who receives a notification that this alert has been triggered.

  • Times

    Alerts will be sent: Edit to control the time range for when the alert will trigger. For example, if you only want alert notifications within working hours, set it here.

  • Delivery Options

    Alerts will be sent via: Edit to change how the alert recipients get the notification, for example by email or text message.

  • Alert Frequency

    We will send a maximum of: Edit the max number of alerts per driver, or a total daily limit of notifications to receive.

An alert can be enabled or disabled from the edit screen using the switch: 360006480380-5dd2b35c4346a.png

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