View assigned jobs

Your jobs are scheduled, assigned and sent to your mobile device by your office.
To see your jobs in the Reveal Field Mobile App, go to My jobs.
Depending on the status of the jobs, they appear under one or more of these tabs:


The Map

The map appears in all tabs and shows the location of your jobs with coloured, numbered pins.
The colour of the pins represents the job status.

The numbers on the pins match those on the job cards, underneath the map. Tap the job cards to view more job details. 

Each job card contains these actions:


Tap this button to open the job address and get directions to it.


Tap this button to email, text or call customers.


The TODAY tab is the first one you see when you log into the app. Here you will see a job card for each of your assigned jobs that are scheduled for today.
The jobs you need to do first appear at the top of the list.

All completed jobs are automatically removed from TODAY at the end of the day. Unfinished or outstanding jobs are moved into OVERDUE.


Jobs assigned to you, up to a month in advance, appear under UPCOMING. These are grouped by scheduled date.


Jobs assigned to you, but not completed within the date scheduled, appear in OVERDUE. The oldest jobs show first.
Jobs stay here for up to two weeks, or until their status is updated to Finish.

For more information on job statuses, read this guide on updating your job status.


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