Get help with Roadside Assistance (RSA)

If you are the assigned driver of a vehicle that is registered for Roadside Assistance (RSA), you can access RSA from the Reveal Field mobile app.

If the vehicle you are driving has not been assigned to you, you can learn to do that by reading this article on how to assign a vehicle.

Once you have assigned the RSA registered vehicle to yourself, you can access the RSA phone number from the app.

Before calling RSA, have the following information ready:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). To find this, click Menu > Roadside Assistance.
  • The vehicle’s location, including the nearest major street or crossroad.

To call RSA, open the side menu, and tap the Roadside Assistance phone number.

Learn more about RSA by reading this article: What is Roadside Assistance?

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