Viewing Journeys

To view the journeys that the Trip Logger has recorded for a vehicle:

  1. From the Reveal navigation bar, choose Trip Logger.
  2. Open the vehicle selector and select a single vehicle from the list.
  3. Open the two calendar pickers and select a date range:
  4. Select the Show unclassified check box to view only those journeys that have not yet been classified as business or personal journeys. Clear the check box if you want to view classified and unclassified journeys.
  5. Click FILTER. The table displays all journeys for the selected vehicle and in the specified date range.

The following columns are shown in the table:

  • Driver - The name of the driver, if assigned. The ASSIGN DRIVER button allows you to assign a driver to the journey or change the driver, if a driver is already assigned.
  • Journey Start & End - The start time and location of the journey, and the end time and location.
  • Odometer - The odometer reading at the start and end of the journey.
  • Total Distance - The total distance of the journey in kilometres or miles.
  • Journey - This is where you classify the journey as a business or personal trip, or a commute, if available. Select the appropriate radio button when classifying the journey.
  • Comment - A comment about the journey. Comments are optional for personal journeys and required for business journeys.


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