Edit customer contacts

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Edit customer contacts in Reveal Field's Scheduler from the New job panel or from the Contacts tab.

From the New job panel

  1. Open the New job panel by clicking CREATE JOB or by selecting a job from the pending panel.
  2. Go to the customer contact that you want to edit and choose the pencil icon Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_12.44.32.png to make your changes.
  3. Click SAVE CONTACT.

From the Contacts tab

  1. Go to the Contacts tabScreenshot_2022-10-10_at_12.45.55.png
  2. Use the search box or scroll to find the customer contact you want to change.
  3. Beside the customer name, select the three dots and choose Edit contact.
  4. Make the changes and click SAVE CONTACT.

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