Restart a non-reporting vehicle tracker from Reveal


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This article explains how to restart a non-reporting vehicle tracker from Reveal using the Device Health Check panel.

You can access Device Health Check from the vehicle's context menu on Live Map.

The Device Health Check shows the following information:

  • Vehicle or asset name
  • Last update
  • Last status
  • Last known location
  • Tracker type
  • Tracker serial number (ESN)

If a Vehicle Data Device (VDD) or Xirgo tracker is installed in the vehicle, you can restart the tracker from within Reveal. For other tracker types (both vehicle and asset trackers), you will find troubleshooting information to help you get the tracker reporting again.

Restart a non-reporting vehicle tracker

This functionality is only available for vehicles that have either Vehicle Data Device (VDD) or Xirgo tracker installed.

To ping a vehicle tracker:

  1. From a vehicle’s context menu, tap Device Health Check.
  2. In the Device Health Check panel, you are asked to confirm that the vehicle:
    • Is switched on and idling but not moving.
    • Has been driven in the past 24 hours.
    • Is in cellular range with a clear view of the sky.
  3. Tap NEXT.
  4. Tap RESTART.
    If the restart is successful, a Restart complete message displays.

  5. Take the vehicle for a short drive to confirm it is reporting correctly. If your vehicle is now reporting correctly, tap Yes.

If the restart failed or if the restart did not fix the issue, tap CHAT WITH US to talk to a Customer Care agent. Or follow the steps outlined in guides in the Additional troubleshooting steps section.

Additional troubleshooting steps

Troubleshooting: Why is my vehicle not reporting?

FAQ: What to do when an asset tracker is not reporting?

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