Troubleshooting: Asset incorrectly showing as 'towing'

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When an asset shows on Live Map as Towing but it is not in tow, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

Updating the tracker configuration setting (for trailers or similar)

Make sure the installation method for your Equipment Asset Tracker is correct. This ensures that the tracker reports correctly to Reveal.

The installation method refers to how the tracker is connected or hardwired to the asset and can be updated in Reveal.

There are 2 settings:

  • 2-wire (for trailers or similar)
  • 3-wire (for powered equipment or similar)

This setting is not required for the Equipment Asset Tracker - Battery device.

For more information, see Update the Installation Method setting for EAT in Reveal.

Checking asset tracker is wired correctly (for self-propelled assets)


  1. Locate the installed asset tracker.
    • For self-propelled assets, such as cranes, excavators or tractors, the asset tracker is usually close to the ignition source under the dash.
  2. Follow the cable from the tracker to the power source.
  3. Check the wiring is correct:
    • For self-propelled vehicles with an ignition source, a 3-wire installation is typically used.
    • The red wire is connected to constant power ((+12/24 VDC), the black wire is connected to a ground, and the white wire is connected to the ignition.

Check that the white ignition wire is connected correctly.

Checking for a blown fuse

  1. Find the battery and ignition fuses tucked under the dashboard. They are usually close to the power source.
  2. If you see a visible gap in the wire displayed inside the fuse’s clear casing:
    • Replace the fuse
    • Drive the asset
    • If the asset is still showing as Towing, or there is no blown fuse, contact support.

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