View a vehicle or asset's journey in Replay

  • Explore Replay on Live Map

  • Select Replay date range

With Replay on Live Map, you can view a powered asset’s past activities on a particular day or see its activities over a seven-day period.



For more detailed historical information, access the Replay tab.

Explore Replay on Live Map

Replay works a little differently depending on whether you are looking at a single day or multiple days.

Single-day Replay

When you open Replay on Live Map, you see the Replay panel and the Replay map, both showing information for the current day.


In the Replay panel, a journey is divided into segments based on the powered asset's status such as, moving, stopped, idling.

When you select a journey segment in the Replay panel, the map zooms in to show information for that segment.


The Replay map shows the powered asset's route.


Use the navigation arrows to move between days or search for a different powered asset in the Powered Asset field.

When looking at Replay for the current day, you see the live location of a powered asset. It displays as a pulsating icon on the map and can be moving, idling, or stopped.


If you have access to Integrated Video, you can see a thumbnail preview of triggered videos in the Replay panel. Click the video to see more event details on the map. You can:

  • Watch the video in Replay by clicking the thumbnail preview.

  • Watch in Integrated Video alongside the full event details and analysis by selecting VIEW EVENT.

Multi-day Replay

When you select a date range, the Replay map shows all the journeys for the selected date range.


The Replay panel shows a Journey card for each day in the date range.


To see information for a particular day, click the journey on the map or select the Journey card.


Use the navigation arrows to move between days in the date range.

Or click Back to return to the multi-day overview.

Select Replay date range

When you launch Replay on Live Map, the route history for the current day is shown by default.

To change the date, use the date picker.


For a single day, enter the start date. The end date defaults to the same date.


For multi-day, enter both a start and end date.


You can only see a maximum of seven days.

To review the route history for the selected dates, choose Back.

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