Access Replay

Replay lets you view a vehicle’s past activities on a particular day or over a seven-day period.

You can access Replay from several places:

Access Replay from Live Map

Access Replay from the Replay tab

Access Replay from Reports

Access Replay from Live Map

There are three ways to access Replay from Live Map:


From the Vehicle Status List, select the three dots next to the vehicle you want to view, then choose View Replay.


Select a vehicle on the Live Map, then choose Replay.


From the context menu, right-click a vehicle on Live Map and choose View Replay.

Access Replay from the Replay tab


In the Replay page, choose the vehicles/drivers you want to view.

In the Vehicle column, click the Replay button next to a vehicle or driver. To add more vehicles or drivers, select the checkboxes next to them, then click the Replay button. You can view up to five vehicles/drivers in the replay window.

Access Replay from Reports


You can access Replay directly from Daily Reports, Speeding Reports, and Harsh Driving Incident Reports. Any available replays are shown in the results section of the report.

Select the Replay link next to the event you want to view.

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