Manage users, technicians, and groups

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Depending on your permissions, you can:

  • Manage users, technicians, and groups
  • Create technicians and groups

These actions are done from the admin section of Reveal. To go to Admin, from the navigation bar, select your account profile.


Manage users

To create a new user, invite multiple users, or view a list of users, go to Admin > Users and Roles


Create and manage technicians

To create a new driver/technician or view your driver/technician list, go to Admin > Drivers/Technicians


Manage technician view

1. Choose how you want your technicians’ names to appear throughout Scheduler, for example on the calendar, in the Create job panel, and in the Jobs lists. To do this, go to Scheduler and choose the settings icon cog.png

2. At Technicians, select from the options in the dropdown.


Create and manage groups

To view and edit your groups, go to Manage Groups.

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