Smart recommendations overview

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Reveal Field's smart recommendations feature suggests which technicians to assign to your jobs and when the jobs should start.


These recommendations are based on the technicians' availability, travel times, skills, and vehicle location. The system checks the appointments already scheduled for your technicians, and suggests the best time of day to perform the task while considering the technicians’ availability and the best travel time.

Benefits of smart recommendations

Smart recommendations can help you save time and resources, and improve the quality of service delivered to your customers. It can also help:

Reduce costs

Smart recommendations can suggest technicians based on the job locations and travel time, helping lower fuel costs.

Increase productivity

By allowing the system to recommend technicians and job start times, you can spend less time scheduling. This gives you more time to complete other tasks.

Identify your best recommendation quickly

Smart recommendations now provides a specific tag to help you quickly identify the most qualified technician for your job.


Now when you apply filters, the recommendation that best fits your chosen criteria is automatically tagged ‘Best match’.


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