Journey reports overview

Journey reports display distances traveled, idling time, long or unauthorized stops, and a breakdown of daily costs.

The reports available in this category are:

  • Daily report: Breakdown of your vehicles' daily movement

  • Daily (legacy): Breakdown of vehicle’s daily movement in the legacy report format

  • Distance traveled report: Breakdown of total distance traveled. Can be filtered by state, vehicle, or geofence. May be used for IFTA reporting.

  • Geofence report: How much time your vehicles spend at identified geofence locations

  • Travel and stops report: Complete history for vehicles over a specified time

  • Cost analysis report: Breakdown of total daily costs. Includes driving time, time on-site, and wasted fuel.

  • Return trip summary report: Summary of return trips to selected geofences, including on-site time per stop, and per day

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