Alert Log

Alert log

The Alert Log tab shows you a history of all the alert notifications you have received, in a list.

The filter is set for Today by default. To see other time periods, select from the dropdown menu.

You can also choose to only see high priority alerts, using the checkbox.

There is an option to download the list, using the download icon.

Click anywhere on an alert from the list (except the Policy link, which opens the trending page for that alert policy) and to open a window with more details on that alert. Each window will differ, depending on the type of alert.
Once you have opened an alert notification, that particular alert will be marked as read.

Sort alert logs

You can sort the columns of the alert log, using the arrow symbols at the top of each.

Vehicle: Name of the vehicle.

Driver: Name of the driver.

Policy: Name of the alert policy. If you did not edit the name of the policy when creating it, the default name will be the same as the alert type.

Alert Type: The type of action or activity that this alert will notify you about.

Triggered: Time and date when a particular notification for an alert was triggered.

Mark alerts as read

If you receive an alert notification, but do not open it to view the details, you will see a red badge appear on both the Alerts icon in the main menu , and on the Alert Log tab


In addition, the number of alerts that are still unread, per alert policy, will appear beside each tile on the Alerts Overview page, in red.

In your Alert Log, any items in the list of alerts that are shown in bold are still unread.

The entire list can be selected at once, or items can be selected individually, using the checkmarks beside each one.

When you select, you will be given the option to Mark as read or Delete the items in the list.

If you mark an alert as read, it will no longer appear as one of your unread alerts. If you mark all your alerts as read, you will no longer see the red badge in various locations on Reveal.

You can also use the DELETE ALL ALERTS button to delete all alert notifications from the list. This button does not affect the alert policies that have been set up.

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