View historic HOS information

This article describes how you can view your drivers’ historic hours of service (HOS) information, including time spent in a particular status, such as Driving or On Duty.

The HOS History tab under LogBook shows historic hours of service (HOS) information for all of your drivers.


To view historic HOS information for a driver, select the driver from the list in the upper left corner of the screen.

The calendar shows the days when the selected driver has uncertified HOS logs in red. Select a date on the calendar to view the driver’s status changes in the timeline on the right and in the table below the calendar. The table shows the following information:

  • Status Time: The time when the driver entered the status

  • Status Duration: The duration for which the driver was in the status

  • Status: The HOS status; for example, Driving or Off Duty

  • Sub Status: An optional sub status that provides more information about the status

If you expand a row in the table, you can also view vehicle, driver, trailer, and shipping reference.


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