Reveal updates: February 2021


Welcome to the February edition of Reveal updates. This month we launch Reveal alert notifications enhancements. We also give you a sneak peak into a number of new features coming soon, which include enhancements to our Navigation app, a redesign of our Reports home page and Fleet Service enhancements. Read on to find out more.


Recently released

Reveal alert notifications enhancements

There is a new enhanced notification system that displays near real-time alerts of important events related to drivers, vehicles and assets. Alerts are enabled by default, but they can be customized and grouped in Account Settings.

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Coming soon

Navigation direct login

Currently, to access the Navigation app, drivers must log in through the Reveal Driver app. Soon we will be adding a new direct login to enable drivers to use their existing Driver credentials to log in to the Global Navigation App directly.

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Reveal Locator app is being replaced with the Spotlight app

The Reveal Locator app will soon be discontinued but all of its features and more will be available on the Spotlight app. There is no need to wait, download Spotlight on your mobile device and simply log in with your Reveal username and password.

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Spotlight app: choose specific dates for replay

In the Spotlight app, we will be adding the option to choose specific dates for route replays. Please be sure you are on the latest version of the app to get this improved functionality.

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Reveal Reports homepage redesign

The Reports homepage will soon be redesigned to enhance how reports are displayed, explained and explored. These reports can be used to monitor everything from fleet performance to driver behavior.

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Fleet Service Enhancements

Within the Fleet Service tab, the "Create a New Service Plan" feature is being consolidated from a five step process to a single, easy to use form that is accessible even from a mobile device.

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