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Jobs can be edited from the Scheduler tab in Reveal Field.

To edit a job, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Scheduler tab.
  2. Click on the job card for the job you want to edit. This opens the job panel.
  3. To edit Contact details, select the pencil icon .
  4. To edit any other details, make changes in the relevant field, for example, to Job details, and choose SAVE.

Cancelling a job

You can cancel a job by removing the assigned technician.
That technician will receive an app notification letting them know that the job has been removed from their schedule.

If technicians have enabled app notifications, they will receive job updates from the Reveal Field Mobile App.

Delete a job

To delete a single job from Scheduler, you need to undo the job's dispatch to the technician and then delete it. It is not currently possible to delete a dispatched job. Alternatively, you can change the existing job details so that they apply to a new job.

Rescheduling a job

Edit the date and time of a job by changing the details in the relevant fields in Scheduler and selecting SAVE.

Technicians will be sent an app notification letting them know about the changes.

Reassigning a technician

If you change the technician on a job, the technician originally assigned will receive a job cancelled notification from the app (if they have the Reveal Field Mobile App installed).

The job will be removed from their schedule on the app.

The newly assigned technician will see the job in the app and receive a new job notification.

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