Utilisation report

The Utilisation report shows how much your vehicles and powered assets are being used. The report includes metrics such as distance, idle time, and who used the vehicle or powered asset.


The report contains the following columns:

  • Date: Date range used to run the report.

  • Driver/Operator: The driver assigned to the asset on the given date.

  • Movement duration: Total time moved calculated by subtracting idle time and PTO idle time from engine on time.

  • Distance: Distance travelled while moving.

  • Idle time: Total engine idle time, excluding idle time under minimum setup and PTO idle time.

  • Engine-on time: Total ignition on time (not calculated straight from the connected device).

  • Power take-off: Total time the power take-off (PTO) sensor is on when the engine is on.

The report can be viewed in Reveal, or downloaded in CSV format. Vehicles and powered assets not in use during your date range will display in the report, but not in the CSV file.


This report does not cover non-powered assets.

To run this report, see Run a report.

Report options

  • Select individual vehicles, drivers/operators, or powered assets.

  • Select a group or the entire fleet.

  • Select the date range for the report.

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