Daily report with work orders

Work orders daily reports provide all the same vehicle details as the daily report. You can also use integration data to link work orders to vehicle stops to see which stops were associated with scheduled jobs.

To run this report, see Run a report.



Report options

  • Work Order Linkage Confidence Score: Select "Good and above", "Better and above", or "Best and above".
  • Show Timecard Status information on report: Select the check box to include this information.


Advanced options

  • Show Exceptions using: To highlight events that exceed your benchmark parameters, select this option and choose a filter from the list. Exceptions show events, such as excessive stops, late starts, or early finishes.
  • Include page break between drivers: Select this option to display each driver on a separate page. This separation can make it easier to carry out administrative tasks on the report.
  • Time zone: Select the time zone based on the User, the Vehicle, or UTC.
  • Include time range: Select the hours you want to include in the report.
  • Region: Select your country. Report metrics such as distance and date are displayed in the format of the selected country.

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