Product updates: October 2023


Welcome to the October 2023 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about our new Live Map asset tracker limit increase, a new partner integration with Whip Around, driver-facing camera animated thumbnails, camera reassignment in the Spotlight & RHI apps and many more Spotlight app improvements. Read on to find out more.


Recently released

Live Map: VTU and asset tracker limit increase

To enhance your experience as you monitor your fleet in Live Map, the number of VTU and asset trackers which can be seen on Live Map has now automatically increased to 2,500 units from a previous limit of 500. Also, large fleets with over 500 vehicles and assets will be clustered. Clustering turns on by default but can be turned off as per the Help Center article here.

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Whip Around integration now available

Our Whip Around partner integration enables fleet managers, drivers and mechanics to manage daily inspections and DVIRs more efficiently and effectively. You can quickly identify defects and report them to management and mechanics from the field and streamline your fleet maintenance processes. This integration can be added directly from the Reveal Marketplace.


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Driver-facing camera animated thumbnails

The Driver List for Integrated Video has a new enhancement with animated driver-facing thumbnails. This works in the same way as road-facing thumbnails where you can hover over an event in the Driver List to see a brief animation of the footage for events triggered by the driver-facing camera, including tiredness, distraction, smoking and phone call detection.

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Reassign cameras with Spotlight or RHI apps during a VTU swap

With our new update to the Spotlight and Reveal Hardware Installer (RHI) apps, you can reassign your cameras to new vehicle tracking units (VTU) without calling Support. U pdating your camera assignment can be done directly within these apps:

  • In the Spotlight app: To access this feature, complete the VTU install steps as normal. The camera will be detected on completion and the camera module will open with the new screen directing you to complete reassignment.
  • In the RHI app: To access this feature, complete the VTU install steps as normal. Once the camera is detected, select “camera alignment”. The camera module will open with the new screen directing you to complete the realignment.



Spotlight Journey Cards improvements

You can now benefit from multiple Spotlight app design improvements and feature enhancements, all aimed at providing you greater insight when replaying trips:

  • New journey panels showing start, stopped, idling, moving, charging, end, and last location
  • Assigned drivers on the Activity tab, as well as the Moving and Idling panel
  • EV enhancements including new charging status journey panel and corresponding battery levels on all journey cards, charging icon on the journey line, charging metrics in the Summary tab
  • Ability to tap, pan and swipe for additional views and data, such as interacting with the map
  • Ability to select date, places, satellite or map view
  • Clustering idling and stopped locations on the journey line
  • View entire journey button added to the landing page

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