Verizon Connect Status page

The Verizon Connect Status page keeps you informed about service outages and scheduled maintenance.

It shows the current status of all components on the Verizon Connect platform including any incidents or outages that are affecting the service.

You can find the status page at

Top level status

At the top of the page, the overall health of the Verizon Connect is shown.

The top level status will be one of the following:

  • All Systems Operational (green)

  • Major System Outage (red)

  • Partial System Outage (orange)

  • Degraded System Service (yellow)

  • Partially Degraded Service (yellow)

  • Service Under Maintenance (blue)

Component status

Every component that makes up the Verizon Connect platform has its own status. Each component is actively monitored and its status is updated once an issue is identified.

A component’s status will be one of the following:

  • Degraded Performance (yellow): The component may not be operating normally.

  • Partial Outage (orange): The component is failing intermittently or for some users.

  • Major Outage (red): The component is not operational for all users.

  • Operational (green): The component is fully operational.

  • Under maintenance (blue): The component is currently being worked on but will resume normal operation.

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