How to prevent irrelevant video events

Videos can be falsely triggered, usually when an AI Dashcam lens is obstructed or in the wrong position.

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How to avoid falsely triggering videos

  • Check the camera’s position on the windshield and adjust the camera angle, if needed. Learn how to check the camera’s position.

  • Move any objects obstructing the road-facing and driver-facing camera lenses. For example, a cellphone holder or toll pass mount.

  • Remove any objects on the dashboard that reflect in the windshield.

The AI calibration can be disrupted if the driver is:

  • Wearing glasses, a hat, or a mask

  • Frequently touching their face.

Table 1. Examples

Too many Tailgating events are triggered

Cause: The camera angle is not aligned with the horizon.

Solution: Check the camera angle and adjust it downwards, if needed.


Good example: Horizon should be close to the center of the image (within 10% of image height as tolerance).

Tailgating events are not triggered very often

Cause: The camera angle is not aligned with the horizon.

Solution: Check the camera angle and adjust it upwards, if needed.

False Tailgating events are triggered

Cause: The cellphone holder is obstructing the camera’s view.

Solution: Move the cellphone holder.


Cause: The object on the dashboard is creating a reflection in the windshield and the camera angle is not aligned with the horizon.

Solution: Move the object and adjust the camera angle upwards.

False Distraction events are triggered

Cause: A dangling object is obstructing the driver-facing camera.

Solution: Remove the dangling object.


Cause: The camera lens is not angled correctly towards the driver’s head and shoulders.

Solution: Check the camera's position on the windshield.


Cause: The driver is wearing a hat which is obstructing the camera’s view of their face.

Solution: Ask the driver to remove their hat while driving or adjust the camera lens downwards.

Split-screen windshields

For vehicles with split-screen windshields, you must use a wedge to accurately align the camera. If you do not have a wedge, contact Support. Learn how to install a wedge.

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