How collisions can affect recordings

If you suspect a collision has occurred, search for videos in Reveal . If the video is not available, access a camera's SD card remotely or download SD card videos as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that:

  • Cameras and trackers can stop recording at the point of collision. This happens when the vehicle's power is cut as a safety response, or the impact damages the device. If this happens, a video will not be triggered in Reveal.

  • Low force impacts, such as side swipes, are less likely to be detected.

Check the vehicle's equipment

  • The engine must be turned on for the camera to begin recording and detect unsafe driving behavior. The camera continues recording until the engine is turned off.

  • The camera should be attached to the windshield and aligned correctly so that it accurately detects objects.

  • The vehicle tracker should be mounted securely and not able to move around, otherwise it can generate inaccurate data.

  • The camera's LED light sequence should show that the camera is recording (blue) and connected to the network (green).

  • If the green light is off, this suggests that the area's GPS coverage is unstable.

  • If the vehicle has been involved in a collision, check the camera and vehicle tracker for any signs of damage.

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