Update the power source tracker setting for Xirgo vehicle trackers

This article explains how to update the power source tracker settings for Xirgo vehicle trackers that are installed using the 3-wire method.

To ensure that a Xirgo vehicle tracker reports correctly to Reveal, you must ensure that the Power source tracker configuration is correct. This ensures that the tracker reports correctly to Reveal.

By default, the power source setting is set to Y-cable only (Default), is set by default. This is the correct setting when the tracker is connected to the diagnostic port using a Y-cable.

If the tracker is connected to the ignition using a 3-wire connection method, you must update the setting. If you do not update this setting, you may receive incorrect notifications that the vehicle is being towed.

To update power source setting:

  1. Search for the vehicle on Live Map.

  2. From the vehicle’s context menu, choose Edit.

  3. On the Edit Vehicle page, from the left-side navigation, select Tracker Settings .

  4. In the Power source field in the Tracker configuration section, click the down arrow and then select an option from the drop-down list. The options are:

    • Diagnostic port (OBD-II, 6/9 pin or similar)

    • Ignition (3-wire, hardwired)

  5. Click SAVE CHANGES.

  6. Click SAVE on the confirmation dialog box.

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