Receive in-app ELD alerts

This article lists the types of alerts that you might see in the Logbook mobile app and under which conditions you might see them. It also describes how to view and dismiss the alerts on the Alerts screen.

Types of alerts

Logbook supports the following alerts:

  • Warnings and violations

    • Alerts for warnings and violations are shown as a banner on the Dashboard screen and on the Alerts screen under Warnings.

    • Warning banners inform you that you are approaching a violation of your permitted hours of service (HOS). Violation banners inform you that you are in violation of your HOS.

    • The alert text on the Alerts screen provides specific details about the violation or warning.

    • To remove an alert from the list, swipe left on the alert.

    • To remove all alerts, review them and then tap Clear All. You will be asked to confirm this on a confirmation dialog box. Clearing an alert on the Alerts screen automatically closes the banner for the same alert.

    • See Troubleshoot violations and warnings for more information.

  • Carrier edits

    • When your administrator makes changes to your ELD logs, an alert is shown as a banner on the Dashboard screen and on the Alerts screen under Carrier Edits.

    • Administrators can change your ELD logs by adding a new status or changing an existing status. You can accept or reject the proposed changes.

    • See Accept or reject carrier edits for more information.

  • Unidentified miles

    • Alerts about unidentified miles are shown as a banner on the Dashboard screen and on the Alerts screen under Unidentified Miles.

    • When the Logbook app detects driving time for your vehicle at a time when no driver was assigned to the vehicle, the alert text is: “Unidentified miles for this vehicle”.

    • When your administrator assigns driving time to you because you were likely to be the driver, the alert text is: “Miles assigned to you”.

    • See Accept or reject unidentified miles for more information.

  • Uncertified logs

    • Alerts about logs that need to be certified are shown on the Alerts screen under Uncertified Logs. Tap Review to go to the Status Log screen, or tap Certify to certify your log for the specified day.

    • See Certify your logs for more information.

  • Diagnostic events and malfunctions

    • All diagnostic events and malfunctions, apart from engine sync diagnostic events, are shown as a banner on the Dashboard screen until the banner is closed. All diagnostic events and malfunctions are shown on the Active Malfunctions and Diagnostic screen until the issue no longer applies.

    • See Troubleshoot ELD diagnostics events and malfunctions for more information on the actions that you must take as a driver when diagnostics or malfunctions are raised.

View alerts

On the Dashboard, alerts are displayed as a banner in the lower part of the screen:


In the app header the alerts icon shows the number of active alerts that you have. Tap the Alerts img-en-us-lb_alert_icon32.png icon to view a list of your alerts.

The red badges on the Alerts icon and on the tabs show the number of alerts for each alert type.

The Alerts screen has the following tabs:

  • Warnings: This tab lists all warnings and violations that you have not yet acknowledged.

  • Unidentified Miles: This tab shows all unidentified driving events that have been recorded on your vehicle or that your administrator has assigned to you.

  • Carrier Edits: This tab shows your administrator’s proposed changes to your ELD logs.

  • Uncertified Logs: This tab shows days when your ELD logs have not yet been certified or when logs have changed since they were last certified.


You can navigate between the tabs by tapping on a tab. On a mobile phone screen, you need to swipe left on the tabs to see the Uncertified Logs tab.

Clear alerts

Alerts for warnings and violations are removed from the Warnings tab when you have reviewed and cleared them. To clear all warnings and violations at once, use the Clear All button. You will be asked to confirm this on a confirmation dialog box. To clear an individual warning or violation, swipe left on the warning or violation. Clearing a warning automatically closes the banner for the same alert.


Alerts for changes to your ELD logs (carrier edits) and unidentified miles are removed from the corresponding tab when you have accepted or rejected them.

Alerts for uncertified logs are removed from the Uncertified Logs tab when you have certified the log.

Refresh alerts

To refresh the list of alerts on any of the tabs on the Alerts screen, swipe down on the screen.

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