Run and schedule a driver inspection report

This article describes how you can run a report on your drivers’ vehicle inspections over a time frame of your choice. You can also schedule a report to run regularly.

  1. Log in to Reveal.

  2. In the toolbar, choose Reports.

  3. Under Driver Logs, choose Vehicle Inspections Report.

  4. Select the vehicles or drivers for which to run the report. You can select your entire fleet, certain vehicles, certain drivers, or certain groups.

  5. Select the report time frame. You can select a predefined time frame or specify your own.

  6. Choose Run Report.

  7. To schedule the report as regularly occurring, choose Schedule Report.

  8. In the Scheduled Report dialog box, on the Frequency & Range tab, set the frequency and range.

  9. On the Recipients tab, select the people who are to receive the report.

  10. Save the scheduled report.


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