Find the road-facing camera's video connector

Sometimes, when the road-facing camera is installed, the video connector that you need to connect the driver-facing camera is hidden behind the headliner or behind the A-pillar.

To find the video input channel 2 connector:

  1. Locate the cable coming from the road-facing camera and follow it to the headliner.image2.png
  2. Slowly pull on the cable to remove it from the headliner.
  3. If the connector is not behind the headliner, remove the A-pillar cover. This may be as simple as removing the screw or releasing the clip that holds the A-pillar in place, however, we recommend referring to the vehicle manual before removing the pillar.
    While there is little risk of setting off the airbag when removing the A-pillar, do not undo the clips that hold the airbag in place. For further information about airbags, refer to the crash sensors article on


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