Vehicle actions menu

Vehicle actions menu

The vehicle actions menu is a quick way to see a range of useful functionalities per vehicle. There are three ways to access the menu:

  • Use the three-dot icon found beside each vehicle in the Vehicle Status list.
  • Right-click on the status icon of any vehicle (or driver or asset) on the Live Map.
  • Right-click your mouse anywhere on the Live Map. This option does not give you vehicle specific options such as Vehicle Name, Vehicle Options, Roadside Assistance (if available), Replay or Reports, but can allow access to certain add-on features, such as Send location to Garmin or Open Driver Dispatch.

The menu includes:

  • Vehicle Name - only when you have accessed the menu from a vehicle.
  • Find Nearest - find the nearest vehicle to a certain location.
  • View Replay - view a replay of the movements of a vehicle.
  • Run Daily Report - load a daily report view for a vehicle.
  • Run Detailed Report - load a detailed report view for a vehicle.
  • Zoom to - refresh the map to show a zoomed-in view of the vehicle location and an information balloon.
  • Street View - if available, this will open a Google street view of the location. This is not a live view of the street at that time.
  • Create a geofence here - Create a 'Place' or a point of interest, on the map.
  • Remove from Live Map - removes this vehicle or driver from the Live Map. This is the same as de-selecting them from the Vehicle Selection tab.
  • Directions
    > Get directions to here - enter an address and get the best route from there to your vehicle or another address.
    > Get directions from here - enter an address and get the best route from your vehicle or another address to there.
  • Vehicle Options - you must have permission to edit drivers or vehicles.
    > Edit driver
    > Edit vehicles
    > Send a message - allows you to send a message to a driver. This is an add-on that can be purchased for your account.
  • Roadside Assistance - an add-on feature that allows you to request assistance for a vehicle.


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