Update in-cab audio alerts for drivers

You can customize the audio notification that drivers hear in the cab, and choose which unsafe driving behaviors trigger a video recording.

To customize your preferences, follow these steps:

Step 1

  • Select the account icon in the upper right corner of Reveal.
  • Choose Admin from the dropdown list.


  • Go to the Video List.
  • Select the settings icon Settings_icon.pngin the upper right corner.

If you don’t see the Admin option or icon, set up Integrated Video permissions.

Step 2

  • In the Cameras section, select AI Driving Assistance.
  • Change a trigger’s STATUS to Active to get a video of this behavior recorded and uploaded to the Video List. Road-facing triggers are Active by default.
  • Change a trigger’s IN-CAB ALERT to ON to activate an audio alert when the behavior happens. Select PLAY to listen to the in-cab audio alert.

Settings apply to all the AI Dashcams installed in your fleet.

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