EV summary report

The EV summary report displays a complete charging history for your electric vehicles (EVs).


The report contains the following columns:

  • Start date/End date and Start time/End time: Date and time range used to run the report.

  • Battery start/Battery end: The EV’s battery level at the beginning and end of the charging process.

  • Total charging duration: Total charging time for the vehicle battery.

  • Charging location: Address of where the vehicle battery was charged.

  • Distance since last charge: Distance traveled since last charge.

  • Assigned driver: The driver assigned to the vehicle during the selected date and time range.

The report can be viewed in Reveal, or downloaded in CSV format.

To run this report, see Run a report.


Report options

  • Select individual EVs, a group or all of the EVs in your fleet.

  • Select the time range to include in the report.

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