Use Navigation Maps

The map is shown immediately after signing in. The map is centered on your current location. If you are viewing the Main Menu menu_icon_font.png and you would like to return to the map, tap Map or swipe the menu to the left to dismiss it.

You do not need to navigate to make use of the map. Keep the map open while driving to see upcoming streets.

Manual Interactions With the Map

Whether you are viewing the map or getting directions, you can use the following gestures to interact with the map.

  • To pan around the map, press and drag a finger across the screen.

  • To zoom in and out on the map, use two fingers to pinch or stretch the screen.

  • To rotate the map, use two fingers to press and rotate the screen.

  • To drop a pin on the map to select a custom destination, touch and hold the area on the map. Tap the Route icon calculate_route_icon.zoom30.png to get directions to the area you selected. To remove the dropped pin, tap elsewhere on the map.


If you have the Motion Lock feature enabled in your account, you can interact with the map only when your vehicle has stopped.

Icon and Shape Glossary

The icons and shapes on the map change depending on whether you are looking at the initial map, viewing an address you have selected, looking at an overview of a route, or getting turn-by-turn directions. See the glossary below for a description of each.


Main Menu icon - Tap to access the main menu items, such as Map, Favorites, Recent Places, Map Data, Feedback, Settings, and Help.


Search icon - Tap the Search icon or Navigate to... to search for a destination.


Location icon - Shows your current location on the map.


Speed Limit icon - Displays the speed limit for the road you are currently driving on.


Under Speed Limit icon - This is displayed if your current speed is under or equal to the speed limit for the road you are currently driving on.


Less Than 5 mph Over Speed Limit icon - This is displayed if your current speed is less than 5 mph over the speed limit for the road you are currently driving on.


More Than 5 mph Over Speed Limit icon - This is displayed if your current speed is more than 5 mph over the speed limit for the road you are currently driving on.


GPS shape - The size of the blue circle around your vehicle indicates the GPS accuracy. A small circle indicates the accuracy is good, whereas a larger circle indicates the accuracy is poor. The GPS accuracy affects how well Navigation can determine your current coordinates.


Turn icon - Indicates an upcoming turn on the map during turn-by-turn directions. The direction of the icon changes to match the direction of the turn. If Enhanced Turn Notifications are enabled, and you are less than 400 meters from the next maneuver, the Turn icon blinks and a clicking sound is repeated at regular intervals (if your device is not muted). See Configure Settings for information on enabling Enhanced Turn Notifications.


Route icon - After selecting a destination, tap to generate a route to the destination from your current location.


Navigation icon - After generating a route, tap to begin turn-by-turn directions.


Back icon - When you are on the Route Overview screen, go back to select a different destination.


Favorite icons - Tap to add or remove an address from your Favorites list.


2D/3D icons - Tap to switch between the 2D and 3D perspectives on the map. The 2D view displays the map as if viewed from directly overhead. The 3D view displays the map at a slanted angle and simulates the distance to objects on the map.


Compass icon - The map compass. The dark section of the pointer always points north on the map.


Zoom icons - Tap to zoom in or out on the map. When you have reached the maximum or minimum zoom level, the icon is grayed out.


Arrow icon - If you pan the map while getting directions, the Arrow icon becomes available. Tap it to resume following your location on the route.


Feedback icon - Tap to submit feedback to correct the destination address. See Submit Feedback.


Flag icon - Tap to save your current location, so you can provide feedback on it later. The location is saved as a "marked location". If you have Motion Lock enabled in your account your vehicle must be stationary before you can tap the Flag icon. See Submit Feedback About a Marked Location.


Mute/Unmute icons - Tap to mute/unmute the sound in the app. When muted, the verbal guidance provided during turn-by-turn directions is turned off. Tap again to turn sounds back on.


Safety mode icon - Tap to simplify the information displayed on the screen when you get turn-by-turn directions. When Safety mode is enabled, the map is replaced by a full-screen display that only shows the next two steps of the directions to reduce distractions while you are driving. Tap the icon again to return to the regular display.


Destination icon - Marks the final destination for the route. This icon is blue when the destination is inside a marker's boundaries.


Yard shape - If you are using onboard maps, and a marker with a yard is defined for your destination, the yard shape is highlighted in red on the map and might appear as a circle or as a polygon shape (depending on the marker settings in Fleet). When you depart the yard, the color changes to orange.


If you are using offboard maps, the yard shape is highlighted in blue before you arrive at the location and when you depart.

A yard can contain one or more buildings, private roads, or other structures that are located at your destination address.


Gate icon - Marks a point on the perimeter of a yard through which you can enter or exit the yard. Note that not all yards have a gate and that your directions might have you enter or exit the yard in another way.


List icon - Tap to open the Route Details screen, where you can view a full list of directions for the route and road restrictions along the route (if applicable). Tap the down arrow nav_down_arrow_zoom30.png to minimize the list of directions.


Exit icon - Tap to exit turn-by-turn directions.


Hazmat icon - If this icon is displayed on the map, there are hazmat (hazardous material) settings defined for the route. This icon is also displayed on the Route Overview screen, below the destination address. Tap the icon to open the Load Type screen where you can review or edit the hazmat settings.


Traffic icons - Indicate the usage of traffic data. The enabled icon is shown if either live or historic traffic data was used when calculating the route. The disabled icon is shown if neither type of traffic data was used. The use of live and historic traffic data can be turned on or off on the Settings screen > Route Settings section.


Settings icon - From the Route Overview screen, tap this icon to review or edit your settings.


Map Control icon - Tap this icon to open the Map Details popup menu.

Tap the POIs icon POI-black.png to view points of interest on the map. If you pan the map while points of interest are displayed, the Refresh POI button is displayed. Tap the button to refresh the points of interest. Tap the POIs icon POI-black.png again to clear the map of the points of interest.

Tap the Traffic icon traffic_black.png to turn the traffic flow layer on or off. If the traffic flow layer is set to “On”, the current state of traffic flow is displayed on the roads (red = heavy; amber = medium; yellow = light; green = no traffic). The traffic flow layer is displayed only when the app identifies that your driving activity requires it (for example, when you are driving in a city or searching for a destination), and while you are manually interacting with the map.


Green roads are not shown on the Route Overview screen or on Guidance view.

To close the Map Details popup menu tap the Map Control icon map_control_icon_zoom30.png again, or tap the Exit icon exit_icon_zoom80.png, or tap anywhere on the map.


Dining point of interest.


Fuel point of interest.


Lodging point of interest.


Truck Stop point of interest.


Toilet/Public Amenities point of interest.

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