Search for Destinations with Navigation

  1. Tap the Search icon menu_icon_font.png to open the Navigation Search screen.

  2. Use the following methods to find locations:

    • Start typing an address, and then tap the address you want.

    • Enter the name of a point of interest (POI).

    • Enter the geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude) for a location.

    • Tap a recently visited address from the Recent Places list, or tap VIEW MORE RECENT PLACES to view more, and then tap the address you want.

    • Tap a favorite address from the Favorites list, or tap VIEW MORE FAVORITES to view more, and then tap the address you want.

    • Tap a category from the Categories list.

  3. Tap the location address you want to navigate to.

The following screenshot shows the search result for an address specified using latitude and longitude coordinates. You can type the values or copy and paste them from another application.


After you specify or select a location, the search result list updates to show the address that matches the specified coordinates. Tap the address to see the mapped location and begin navigation. For details, see Get Directions.

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