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The Navigation by Verizon Connect mobile app is a navigation application made for professional drivers who need accurate, truck-legal, turn-by-turn directions. Features include:

  • Routes that comply with constraints, including truck weight, size, and load. The ability to set preferences on same side routing, U-turns, and toll road usage.

  • Real-world previews of the road ahead, spoken directions, alerts, and Safety and Night modes, which help you to stay informed, focused, and well-prepared for what’s coming up.

  • Quick entry of new street address destinations through smart auto-complete.

  • Offline map data that allows for uninterrupted navigation even in the most remote locations.

  • Feedback options, for drivers to contribute to the wider driver community with comments about route quality, road closures, and other emergencies.

  • Integration with Verizon Connect® Reveal™ to enable easy setup of your drivers, vehicles, and jobs.

  • Integration with Verizon Connect® Reveal™ including the Reveal Driver™ app.

  • Drivers must have a Verizon Connect® Reveal™ user account with the Navigation mobile option enabled to use the Navigation mobile application.

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