Connect a GM built-in telematics vehicle

This article provides information about completing the connection to the built-in telematics solution in a GM vehicle. Once your vehicle is fully enrolled you will be able to view it on the Vehicles page and on the Live Map.

GM telematics overview

Built-in telematics hardware is available on all GM vehicles equipped with the OnStar feature (an active subscription with OnStar is not required). Typically, this includes models manufactured from 2015.


If you want to use the built-in telematics for a GM vehicle that currently has aftermarket tracking hardware installed, please contact your Verizon Connect sales representative.


To successfully connect your GM built-in telematics vehicles to your Reveal account, you need to have a GM-assigned Fleet Account Number (a FAN code). FAN codes are assigned on a per-organization basis. If you don't have a FAN code already, you can check the GM Envolve Fleet web page to see if your organization qualifies for one. If you don’t qualify for a FAN code, you will be offered aftermarket tracking hardware to install in your vehicle.

If you are a Government customer connecting a GM built-in telematics vehicle, please use your Government contract FAN code, not your individual FAN code.

Before you complete the connection to your GM telematics vehicle

Before completing the connection, you must first add your GM vehicle’s VIN on the Get started page, and choose to connect using the “Built-in telematics” option.

Complete the connection

Once you have added your vehicle’s VIN to the Get started page, there might be additional actions needed to get your vehicle fully connected. Any required actions are outlined on the Built-in telematics page. The actions that might be required are described in the following sections.

Action required: Accept GM terms and conditions

Status: Terms and conditions required

To ensure access to OnStar services, you must accept GM’s terms and conditions. You need to do this only once for your organization.

If you do not accept GM’s terms and conditions, we will not be able to connect to the built-in solution to track your vehicles in Reveal.

On the Built-in telematics page, vehicles that require you to accept the terms and conditions have the value “Terms and conditions required” in the STATUS column.

Click the following link to read and accept GM’s terms and conditions:

Action required: Confirm GM FAN code

Status: FAN code error

There are two main reasons why you might see “FAN code error” in the STATUS column on the Built-in telematics page:

  1. You entered the wrong FAN code during the connection process - You can edit it by clicking the Confirm FAN Code link in the Action column to open the Edit FAN code dialog box. After you have edited the FAN code, you might still see the error for about an hour while we process the new code.

  2. The vehicle is not part of your account with GM - If you think you entered the correct FAN code but are seeing this error, it could be that GM does not have the vehicle connected to your account with them. Please contact GM to check that all of your GM vehicles are connected to your GM account.

Action required: Perform a Blue Button Key Press (BBKP)

Status: OnStar activation required

Vehicles connected to the GM OnStar service have a special rear-view mirror installed. These rear-view mirrors have buttons that perform various functions. The blue button connects your drivers with an OnStar advisor. Your drivers might need to press the blue button under the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle tracking unit is in a dormant state, is disabled, or has not been configured.

  • The hardware configuration needs to be activated or updated. This is done via the cellular network, and the procedure for this is described below.

When the blue button on a vehicle’s rear-view mirror needs to be pressed for any reason, we say that the vehicle “needs a BBKP”.

Vehicles that need a BBKP have the “OnStar activation required” value in the STATUS column on the Built-in telematics page.

Using the GM OnStar Blue Button to activate the hardware

If a BBKP is required, your drivers should follow this procedure when activating the GM OnStar hardware:

  1. Press the blue OnStar button on the rear-view mirror, and listen closely to the prompts. You might need to press the button a second time to make a connection.

  2. When you are connected to an OnStar advisor, clearly state the following: "Please transfer me to a Fleet advisor."

  3. When you have been transferred to a Fleet advisor, say the following: "I’m calling to activate my OnStar hardware."

  4. When asked, confirm you are the driver or an authorized individual who is permitted to activate the hardware.

  5. When asked, provide the advisor with the following information:

    • Your account PIN (usually, this is "9999" for GM Fleet vehicles).

    • Your organization’s name, and the city and state of its headquarters.

    • Your organization’s FAN code.

    The advisor will then send a signal to activate the unit.

GM OnStar Blue Button Tips

Here are some tips to help your drivers activate their GM OnStar hardware:

  • OnStar advisors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, we recommend that your drivers call between 7:00 AM and 11:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time to speak to an advisor who is knowledgeable in activating OnStar hardware.

  • Allow between 10 and 15 minutes to complete the call.

  • Stay on the call until the advisor tells them that the hardware has been updated.

  • Make the call from an area where cellular coverage is reliable and consistent (for example, not from an underground car park).


I updated the FAN code for one of my vehicles. Why is the Built-in telematics page still saying “GM FAN code error”?

We process each FAN code on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, and it can take up to an hour for the FAN code to be updated on the Built-in telematics page. During this time, if you click the Confirm FAN code link to open the Edit FAN code dialog box, the updated FAN code will be displayed there. If you still see the same error message after an hour, check with GM to see if your vehicles are connected to your GM account. If they are, contact support for guidance.

I have a FAN code but I’m not sure if my vehicles are connected to my GM account. How can I find out?

You need to check with GM to find out if your vehicles are linked to your GM account.

I bought a second-hand vehicle. How do I get it added to my GM account?

Contact GM and request they transfer the vehicle to your GM account. You will need to provide proof of ownership to complete the transfer.

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