Add vehicles to Reveal using the "Get started" page

This article describes how to add vehicles to Reveal using the Get started page, which is displayed to some customers. The page might be shown to you when you have placed a new Reveal subscription order for one or more vehicles, either as a new customer or as an existing customer. You can add your vehicle details to the Get started page so that we can determine whether they have built-in telematics or not. You can then choose whether to use built-in telematics (if applicable) or aftermarket vehicle trackers in your vehicles.

It is important that you enter your vehicle details. Without them, we cannot activate or install your tracking hardware. Only when you have activated the built-in telematics, or installed your vehicle trackers, are you able to track your vehicles using Reveal.

How to access the “Get started” page


The Get started page is available only to some customers, and only for 15 days after a new Reveal subscription order has been placed. If you have not entered your vehicle details within this time frame, we will contact you.

If you are a new customer, you are taken to the Get started page after you have logged in to Reveal for the first time.

If you are an existing customer, you will receive an email and a notification within Reveal. You can follow the link from either of these to the Get started page. You can also find the Get started page under My Account in Reveal.

While on the Get started page, you can click DO THIS LATER to delay entering your vehicle details. In this case, you will receive reminder emails until you have entered your vehicle details.


If you are adding a GM vehicle, ensure you have your FAN code ready before you start the connection process. If you add the vehicle’s VIN before you have a FAN code, you will not be able to use the built-in solution and will be offered aftermarket hardware. Note that the FAN code must be the same code issued at the time the service was purchased. Refer to Connect a GM built-in telematics vehicle for more information on obtaining a FAN code.

If you are a Government customer connecting a GM OEM vehicle, please use your Government contract FAN code, not your individual FAN code.

Step 1: Enter your vehicle details

After clicking the GET STARTED link in the email, or after logging in to Reveal, the Get started page opens. This page shows an Enter details link for each vehicle subscription that you have purchased.

  1. For each vehicle, click Enter details.

  2. Enter either your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or the vehicle's year, make, and model. So that we can determine whether your vehicle has built-in telematics, you need to provide your vehicle’s VIN.

  3. Click NEXT.

Step 2: Connect to your built-in telematics (built-in telematics option only)

If you have built-in telematics in the vehicle that you are adding details for, you will see the following dialog box. Note that only GM customers will see the FAN code field:

  1. The "Built-in telematics" option is recommended and is selected by default. You can choose "Vehicle tracker" if you prefer, and we will send you the appropriate aftermarket tracking unit to install into your vehicle.

    If you are adding a GM vehicle, enter your organization’s FAN code in the field that is displayed. The previous screenshot shows the GM FAN code field.

  2. To confirm that the details you entered are correct, click CONFIRM. You will be returned to the Get started page, where you can add the details for the next vehicle. Click BACK if you want to change any details on the previous screen.

  3. When you have entered the details for all your vehicles, click FINISH on the Get Started page. The Get started page closes, and you are taken to your default landing page in Reveal.


If you are adding a Ford vehicle, ensure that you have consented to share data with Verizon Connect. See Connect a Ford vehicle with built-in telematics to Reveal for more information.

If you are adding a GM vehicle, refer to Connect a GM built-in telematics vehicle for more information about the connection process.

What if my vehicle does not have built-in telematics, or doesn’t qualify for it?

If your vehicle does not have build-in telematics you will see the following dialog box after clicking NEXT:


Even if your vehicle has built-in telematics, you might see this dialog box after clicking NEXT:


This dialog box is displayed if your order contains products that do not allow us to connect to the built-in solution in your Ford or GM vehicle, such as ELD, AI Dashcam, Driver ID, Panic button, Privacy button, or PTO/Digital Input.

Step 3: Install your hardware (vehicle tracker option only)


For information on vehicle tracking options, see What types of vehicle tracking options are available?

We will send you the appropriate hardware to install into your vehicles or contact you to arrange an installation appointment.

If this is a self-install, follow these instructions on how to install the Verizon Connect hardware. We recommend using the Spotlight mobile app for the installation.

If a third-party professional installer will install your hardware, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to do this.

Step 4: Take your vehicle for a drive

To start sending data to Reveal, take your vehicle for a drive for a few minutes. The drive must be long enough, and with clear line-line-of-sight visibility of the sky, for the hardware in your vehicle to establish a GPS connection.

Step 5: View the activation status of your vehicles (built-in telematics option only)

To check if your vehicles with built-in telematics have outstanding actions to complete, go to the Built-in telematics page in Reveal to see the vehicle activation status.

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