Connect a Ford vehicle with built-in telematics to Reveal

This article provides information about completing the connection to the built-in telematics solution in a Ford vehicle. Once your vehicle is fully enrolled you will be able to view it on the Vehicles page and on the Live Map.

Ford telematics overview

Built-in telematics hardware is standard on Ford vehicles manufactured from 2018.


If you want to use the built-in telematics for a Ford vehicle that currently has aftermarket tracking hardware installed, please contact your Verizon Connect sales representative.

Before you complete the connection to your Ford telematics vehicle

To complete the connection, you must first have added your Ford vehicle’s VIN on the Get started page, and selected to connect using the “Built-in telematics” option.

Complete the connection

Once you have added your vehicle’s VIN to the Get started page, there might be additional actions needed to get your vehicle fully connected. Any required actions are outlined on the Built-in telematics page. The actions that might be required are described in the following sections.

Action required: Provide consent in Ford Marketplace

Status: Vehicle requires Ford Marketplace consent

To complete the connection to your Ford vehicles, you must sign in to Ford Marketplace and provide consent for all vehicles that you want to connect to Reveal. You can provide consent on a per-vehicle basis or by turning on the auto-consent feature, which automatically provides consent for all vehicles that you add to your Ford Marketplace account.

If you don’t have an account with Ford Marketplace, you can fill in this sign-up form to create one.

To consent per vehicle:

  1. Sign in to Ford Marketplace.

  2. Navigate to the Fleet > My Fleet tab to view a list of your vehicles.

  3. Select the vehicle that requires consent.

  4. In the Edit Vehicle panel on the right of the page, click ADD CONSENT.

  5. In the pop-up, select “Verizon Connect”, and then click Add Consent.

To use auto-consent:

  1. Sign in to Ford Marketplace.

  2. Navigate to the Fleet > My Fleet tab to view a list of your vehicles.

  3. In the upper right corner of the tab, click the Auto-Consent Settings link.

  4. In the pop-up, click the slider to turn it to "On".

  5. Select “Verizon Connect” as the service provider, and then click Save.

Action required: Take the vehicle for a drive

Status: Vehicle activation drive required

Take your vehicle for a drive for a few minutes, so that the vehicle tracker starts sending data to Reveal.

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