See drivers on Live Map

Fleet selection tab

When you select Drivers to display on the map, you are choosing to display vehicles that have drivers assigned to them. Drivers on their own will not display, outside of an assigned vehicle.

To choose which drivers (with assigned vehicles) to show on the Live Map, select them from the list in the Fleet selection tab:

  1. Open the panel on the left side of the map, using the 5dd2b7168777a.png icon.

  2. In the panel, open the Fleet selection tab by clicking on the 5dd2b71738174.png

  3. Select Drivers from the drop down.

    This list view shows all drivers assigned to vehicles, in alphabetical order (if you have created and assigned Drivers in Reveal).

  4. Use the check boxes beside each driver name to indicate which you want to see on the map. You can display your entire list, or just a few drivers.

    As you select drivers, the map will refresh to show their location and the status of the vehicle they are in.

  5. Close the panel if you want to see more of the map.

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