Fleet Status list


The fleet status list is found on the Fleet Status tab. 360006511640-5dd2b96ee3f88.png

While you are using Live Map, vehicles and assets on the list briefly light up in blue. This is a real-time indication that the vehicle or asset has just communicated with Reveal, and the information shown is up to date.

The vehicle information in the list depends on the information the vehicle is sending to Reveal.

For each vehicle in the list, you see some or all of the following details:

  • Vehicle name

  • Driver name, if a driver is assigned to a vehicle.

  • Vehicle status

  • Group name, if the vehicle is assigned to a group.

  • GPS signal strength

  • Battery level and charging information for electric vehicles

If a vehicle is an electric vehicle, you will see the EV_icon.png icon next to the vehicle name. You can manage the vehicle fuel type, on the Vehicle Information tab of the Edit Vehicle page.

To access the Vehicle actions menu, click 360006511660-5dd2b9703f50b.png(menu).

Fleet status


The status of the vehicle or asset determines the information shown on the list.

When a vehicle or powered asset is moving, it has a green icon 360006528639-5dd2b970c30a1.png.

The details show:

  • The speed of the vehicle and the direction it is traveling.

  • The time of the last update.

  • The address of the vehicle at the last update.

When a vehicle or powered asset is idling, it has a yellow icon 360006528659-5dd2b97156752.png.

Idling means that the vehicle's engine is on, or the ignition is engaged, but little or no movement is being detected.

The details show:

  • The time since the status changed to idle.

  • The time of the last update.

  • The address of the vehicle at the last update.

When a vehicle or powered asset is stopped, the engine or power is fully off, it has a red icon 360006511680-5dd2b971de121.png.

The details show:

  • The amount of time that has passed since the last movement, within the last 24 hours. After 24 hours has passed a stopped vehicle, the date and time since the last movement is shown.

  • The address of the vehicle at the last update.

You may see other icons in the fleet status list, or on the Live Map. For an explanation of all the icons, check the Icon Legend, in the Map Options menu.

When an electric vehicle is charging, it has a charging icon Charging_Icon.png. The details show the current battery level.

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