Set up the Live Map

Map Options

Find and open your Map Options spotlight_layers.png in the top right of the map.

Map Type

There are three choices for your map view.

Default is the standard map view, with a mix of physical and political features - geographical features, roads, and buildings.

Low color removes many of the political features, such as boundaries, and also removes much of the color from the map, making it easier to read for some people.

Satellite view gives a much more detailed view of the map, with a full satellite image. This is not a live image.

Show on Map

Choose these features if you would like to see them on the map:

Traffic - available in all major cities and most surrounding areas, powered by Google Maps. Traffic shows you live information about the traffic situation on the roads, using different colors.

Green: Normal traffic.

Orange: Slow moving.

Red: Heavy traffic.

A red circle with a white dash means no-entry, for example due to roadworks.

Suggested Geofences - locations that Reveal has identified as frequently visited by your vehicles and are recommended as places to create as Geofences.

Geofences - locations you have marked as of particular interest to your business. A Geofence is virtual boundary, defined on a map. You can edit Geofences from here using the cog 360006516459-5dd2b7a78a65a.png icon, as well as from the Places tab in the main navigation menu.

Garmin Stops - An add-on feature which allows you to send stops and communicate with your drivers.

Work Orders - An add-on feature that connects to the Driver Dispatch function.


Show All Labels - this option will cause a small balloon to appear beside each vehicle and asset on the map, showing its name and the name of its driver.

Icon Clustering - Vehicles and assets which are close to each other on the map will be grouped together under one icon Clustering_Icon.png.

As you zoom in or out, the clusters will converge and disperse.

Selecting the cluster will open a list showing the status of each vehicle and asset contained within. Click on any vehicle or asset in the list to zoom to its location on the map and view its details.

If you click on Zoom to, it will break the cluster into smaller clusters, or into the individual vehicles and assets that it is made of, depending on its size.

Turn Icon Clustering on or off with the checkbox.

Icon Legend

View the full list of Reveal icons by clicking the Icon Legend button.

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