Get videos from an SD card

You can search for videos that do not appear in the Video > Events tab. If the video is still on the camera's SD card, you can request and download a 40-second video.

You can only request videos if the footage is on the SD card. Depending on the card's capacity, SD cards hold at least 22 hours of footage (or 'driving time') which is then recorded over as usage continues.

There are two ways to search for footage, depending on whether the vehicle’s camera is online or offline.


Videos cannot be accessed by Support agents.

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Find videos on the SD card

To search a vehicle’s SD card for footage, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Integrated Video app, your mobile device or desktop computer to open the Video > Events tab and select GET VIDEO.

  2. Type the vehicle or driver name.

  3. In the dropdown list, select the vehicle or driver name.

  4. Select the date, and the time of the incident. A message confirms the time and date of the earliest available recording.

  5. Click NEXT.

If the camera’s status is ‘offline’, skip to search for footage using Replay . If the camera status is 'online', skip to search for footage using GET VIDEO.

Search for footage using Replay (offline cameras)

In the Replay panel, a journey is divided into segments based on the vehicle’s status such as Moving, Stopped and Idling.

  1. In the Replay panel, select a Moving icon Moving.png.

  2. Review the details that appear about the selected journey segment on the Replay map.

  3. Select REQUEST VIDEO.

  4. When the vehicle’s camera is online, a notification with the video details is sent.

Bring a camera online

When a camera is online, you can search for videos using GET VIDEO. To get a camera online, make sure that:

  1. The ignition is on, and the vehicle has been moving for at least 2 minutes.

  2. The camera has booted up and the lights are showing solid blue and green. This indicates that the camera is online and ready to receive video requests from Reveal.

Search for footage using GET VIDEO (online cameras)

  1. In the video timeline, drag the selector along the timeline to when you think the incident occurred and select PREVIEW VIDEO.

  2. To watch the clip, select the Preview button.

  3. Click and drag the highlighted footage to change the time range of the video that you want to get from the SD card.



    It can take about 30 seconds for the snapshots to load.

The 'No snapshot available' message

The No snapshot available message appears when:

  • The vehicle enters an area with bad network coverage.

  • You are logged in to Reveal using a device with bad network or WIFI coverage.

  • The vehicle goes offline while the user is searching footage in GET VIDEO.

Footage is available intermittently when:

  • The camera loses power during a sudden jolt or collision.

  • The camera reboots or updates.

If you see the No snapshot available message, download footage from your SD card as soon as possible.

Download SD card videos.

Request videos

  1. When you have chosen a time range, select GET VIDEO.

    A message confirms that the video is on the way.

  2. In the confirmation message, select BACK TO EVENTS TAB or REQUEST ANOTHER VIDEO to remain in the timeline and request another video.

  3. When the video is ready to watch, you'll receive an email notification, a desktop alert, or a push notification to your mobile device.

  4. Select the notification to watch the video to go to the Events tab. The requested video is available in the Events tab with the Requested tag.

Videos are deleted from Reveal after 90 days. You can request older videos within a certain time period, which depends on your data retention plan and location.

Can't find videos on the SD card?

If you still can't find the video you want, consider whether any of the following apply:

If you suspect a collision has occurred and a video was not triggered in Reveal, download footage from your SD card as soon as possible.

Download SD card videos.

Replace camera SD cards.

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