Enable special driving conditions for a driver

This article describes how you can allow a driver to record time under special driving conditions:

  • Personal Use: When a driver uses a vehicle for non-duty-related tasks

  • Yard Moves: When a driver moves a vehicle within the depot yard

  • Unregulated Driving: When a driver drives a non-commercial vehicle or a commercial vehicle that does not have to comply with ELD regulations because of its weight or some other reason

To enable special driving conditions, the driver must be set as ELD compliant in Reveal:

  1. Log in to Reveal.

  2. Select your account profile in the top right, then choose Admin in the drop-down menu.

  3. Under Drivers, choose Driver List.

  4. Find the driver in the list. To search, choose Would you like to search for a driver?

  5. Click the pencil icon to edit.

  6. In the Edit Driver dialog box, ensure that the ELD Compliant check box is selected.

  7. Choose the Mobile Options tab.

  8. Under Enable tracking of, select or clear the Personal Use, Yard Moves, and Unregulated Driving check boxes as required.

  9. Save the changes.



The driver must reset the rule set in the ELD Logbook app before using special driving conditions. For more information, see Refresh your settings in the app.

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