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When your drivers incur infringements for driving longer than permitted, or not taking long enough breaks, these are listed on the Infringements tab.

The Infringements tab shows information that is based on data from downloaded Tacho driver files. Infringement information for each driver is available only up to the date when the last file for that driver was downloaded. Because driver files are automatically downloaded only every 7 days, we recommend that you manually download the most recent driver file before you want to view the infringements for a driver. The Infringement tab is available only if you have a Reveal Tacho Remote Download subscription.



The Infringements tab shows potential fine amounts. These are based on the country where the driver normally works. If a driver crosses the border to another country and incurs an infringement there, the fine is based on the driver’s usual country of operation.

To view infringement details for your drivers:

  1. From the Reveal navigation bar, choose Tacho.

  2. Select the Infringements tab.

  3. Use the filter to narrow down the items in the list. You can change the date range and search for a particular driver by name. Click FILTER to apply the selected settings.

  4. The Total number of infringements and Total potential fines are displayed only when no individual driver is selected. They show the total number of infringements and potential fine amounts (or potential fine amount ranges from the minimum combined fine amount possible to the maximum combined fine amount possible) for all drivers who have infringements in the selected date range.

  5. The Drivers with infringements list contains either the driver selected in the filter or all drivers that have incurred infringements in the selected date range.


    The columns are:

    • Driver: The driver’s name.

    • No. of infringements: The number of infringements that the driver has incurred in the selected date range.

    • Potential fines: The total maximum fines that the driver might need to pay for the infringements incurred in the selected date range. The fines might be shown as a range from the minimum combined fine amount possible to the maximum combined fine amount possible. This column is not shown for Irish customers.

  6. Select a driver from the list to view the driver’s infringement history. The infringement history table shows all infringements for the selected driver (in the filter or in the list) and for the date range selected in the filter.


    The columns are:

    • Date/Time: The date and time when the infringement started. For example, for an infringement that exceeds the daily driving time, the date and time is when the driver should have stopped driving.

    • Type: The type of infringement. For example: “Missing break” or “Daily driving time exceeded”.

    • Seriousness: How serious this infringement is. The options are MSI (most serious infringement), VSI (very serious infringement), SI (serious infringement), and MI (minor infringement).

    • Potential fine: The maximum fine for the infringement or the range that the potential fine is in. This column is not shown for Irish customers.

    • Details: Click VIEW to open a chart showing the corresponding infringement.

  7. When you click VIEW for an infringement, a dialog box opens showing the infringement’s details in the upper part and a chart in the lower part. The x-axis of the chart shows the time of day. The y-axis of the chart shows the four Tachograph statuses on the left and how long the driver has spent in each status that day. Grey shading shows when the driver was in a particular status. The start of the infringement is shown using a red line.


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