Set up driving hours alerts

You can set up a driving hours alert to notify you when any of your drivers meet the following conditions:

  • 4h 15m of continuous drive time
  • 4h 30m of continuous drive time
  • Reach a quota (that you determine) of total daily driving time

To set up a driving hours alert:

  1. From the main Reveal navigation bar, select Alerts.
  2. On any of the tabs on the Alerts page, click CREATE A NEW ALERT POLICY.
  3. From the Create a New Policy dialog box, under Alert Type, select Driving Hours Alert. Choose whether this alert is high priority and enter a name for the alert.
  4. Select the drivers or driver groups you want to monitor and what types of alerts you want to set up. If you select Daily Driving Limit, set the time limit for the total driving time that will trigger an alert. Click NEXT.
  5. Choose the time range and frequency for the alert. Click NEXT.
  6. Choose the recipients and the method of receiving the alert. Click SAVE.

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