ELD drivers report

This report shows all drivers in your account with details including driver license number, default rule set, home terminal address, and whether the driver is using an ELD.

It is useful to run this report when you want to see a list of all of your drivers with ELD-related details in a single place. The default date range displayed is six months, but you can change this under Select report time frame when running the report. The report shows drivers that have generated an ELD event in the selected date range.

To find out how to run this report, see Run a report.


Report options

None available

Advanced options

None available

Report columns

The ELD Drivers report contains the following columns:

  • Driver first name

  • Driver last name

  • Driver number: An optional driver ID that you can allocate to each of your drivers.

  • Driver license number

  • Driver license location: The two-letter code for the state in which the driver’s license was issued.

  • Using ELD: Whether the driver is using an ELD or not.

  • DOT number: Your company's USDOT number. This was used when registering your company with the FMCSA.

  • Carrier name: Your carrier or company name. This was used when registering your company with the FMCSA.

  • Carrier home terminal: The address of your carrier’s home terminal.

  • Logbook ruleset: The driver’s rule set currently used in Logbook.

  • Time zone: The driver’s current time zone.

  • Active: Whether the driver account is active or inactive.

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