Inspect your vehicle

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This article describes how to use the Vehicle Inspection mode to check your vehicle for defects.

In the Vehicle Inspection mode, you can do a check of your vehicle, before and after a trip. If you find a fault, you can log details of the fault.

You must be connected to a vehicle and in On Duty status to perform a vehicle inspection.

  1. In the navigation bar, tap Inspection.
  2. To display the checklist, tap Add New.
  3. After you check each item on the list, select Checked.
  4. If you find a defect, select Has Defect and enter the details. Note: You must mark an item as checked before you can add a defect.
  5. To view the details of any defect, tap the ‘i’ for Details.

  6. After you check every item in the list, tap CONTINUE. INSPECT2.png

  7. Add any general comments, if required.
  8. Tap SAVE.

The app sends saved inspection reports to the admin/dispatcher by Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. The administrator can view the report in the Reports section of Reveal.

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