Inspect your vehicle

This article describes how to use the Vehicle Inspection mode to check your vehicle for mechanical defects.

In the Vehicle Inspection mode, you can do a check of your vehicle, before and after a trip. If you find a fault, you can log details of the fault. The vehicle inspection is sometimes called a DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report).

Step 1: Initial inspection

You can use the Logbook app to perform the initial inspection.


You must be connected to a vehicle and have your status set to On Duty.

To perform the initial vehicle inspection:

  1. In the navigation bar, tap Inspection.

  2. To display the checklist for a new vehicle inspection, tap Add New.

  3. After you have checked each item on the list, select the toggle under Checked.

  4. If you find a defect, select the toggle under Defect.


    You must mark an item as checked before you can mark it as a defect.

  5. Enter a comment with details about the defect, and then tap Save. You can choose to add a comment later.

  6. After you have checked every item in the list, tap CONTINUE. The CONTINUE button is grayed out until you have marked all items as checked.

  7. Add a mandatory, general comment about the inspection. If you did not enter comments previously for each defect, add them now. The FINISH button is grayed out until you have added all comments.

  8. Tap FINISH.

Step 2: Repair process

All completed inspection reports are automatically sent to your administrator when you have Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. Your administrator can view and print the inspection report in Reveal.

A mechanic performs all repairs and manually signs of the defects on the print-out of the inspection report.

Step 3: Re-inspection

If your administrator provides you with the print-out report with the defects marked as fixed, you can re-inspect the vehicle. During the re-inspection, you can manually sign off all previous defects as fixed or still faulty on the print-out. If there are remaining defects, steps 2 and 3 are repeated until you have signed off all defects as fixed.

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