Use Driving mode

This article describes how to use the Driving mode, how to view the simplified and detailed timers that are displayed on the screen when you are in Driving mode, and how to access the Dashboard screen as a co-driver.

Start driving

When your vehicle moves faster than 5 mph, the app automatically sets your status to Driving. When in Driving mode, you cannot access the Dashboard screen, because the screen is locked. This is according to FMCSA regulations.

When you are in Driving mode, you can choose between two views of the lock screen, depending on whether you want to see one Simplified timer or three Detailed timers.

View Simplified timer

The Simplified timer is the default view. It shows a single timer that combines the various rules that make up your rule set. For example, if you are using US Federal rules, it takes into account the following rules:

  • 30 minute break rule

  • 11-hour rule

  • 14-hour rule

  • 60/70 hour limit

The Simplified timer lets you know when to stop driving next, according to a calculation made from all four rules.


View Detailed timers

The Detailed timers on the lock screen show the following three individual timers:

  • Time used since the last daily reset

  • Daily time used driving

  • Time remaining until the next 30-minute break is due

The Detailed timers take into account your rule set. For example, if you are using US Federal rules, they are based on the following rules:

  • 30 minute break rule

  • 11-hour rule

  • 14-hour rule


To switch between Simplified and Detailed views, select the button SHOW DETAILED TIMERS or the button SHOW SIMPLIFIED TIMER in the upper part of the screen. You can switch at any time, when in Driving or Idling modes.

Change the default timer view

To decide to keep using the Simplified or Detailed view, go to your Settings under the More button.

There, you can choose to always see either the Simplified or Detailed view. You can change this whenever you like.


Access the dashboard as a co-driver

As a co-driver you can access your Dashboard screen while someone else is driving. To do this:

  1. In the upper right corner of the driving dashboard screen, tap Co Driver.

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Tap Login.

Stop driving

When the speed of your vehicle goes to 0 mph for more than 5 seconds, the app begins a countdown of 5 minutes and sets your status to Idling.

You can change your status to On Duty at any time during the countdown.

The simplified timer view shows this:


The detailed timers view shows this:


After 5 minutes of Idling, you will be asked to indicate if you are still Driving or are going On Duty. You have 60 seconds to decide.


If you move the vehicle, your status automatically changes to Driving.

If you do not move the vehicle, on the 6th minute your status automatically changes to On Duty, and the app backdates your status to the time the vehicle stopped moving.

During the 6-minute period, you will be put back into Driving mode if your vehicle goes over 5 mph for longer than 5 seconds.

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