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This report shows all ELD (electronic logging device) malfunctions for selected vehicles in a selected time frame.

Malfunctions can occur for several reasons, which include installation issues, hardware failure, or driver tampering.  Per FMCSA regulations, to remain compliant, you have 8 days from when a malfunction occurs to address the issue.

How to use this report

We recommend that you run this report on a regular basis, ideally daily, to identify vehicles that require attention and to allow enough time to address issues within the required 8 days. 

Follow these guidelines each time you run the report:

  1. Run the report with any of the options defined under Advanced options.
  2. Identify all malfunctions with a status of “Active”. Malfunctions that have a status of “Cleared” do not require any further actions.
  3. Perform the actions specified under Troubleshoot ELD malfunctions for each malfunction type. For further information, see this FMCSA FAQ article


Advanced options

  • Time Zone: Whether to base the time zone in the report on User or UTC.
  • Region: Select your country.

Report columns

The malfunction report contains the following columns:

  • Vehicle name: The vehicle’s name that is used in Reveal.
  • Time raised: The date and time when the malfunction occurred on the vehicle.
  • Malfunction type: The type of malfunction, which can be one of the following: “Power”, “Timing”, “Engine sync”, “Positioning”, “Data recording”, or “Data transfer”. For more information on each malfunction type, see Troubleshoot ELD malfunctions.
  • Malfunction comment: A description added by the system to explain why and how this malfunction occurred.
  • Malfunction status: Whether the malfunction is still active or has been cleared.
  • Duration: The length of time for which the malfunction was active. This is displayed when malfunctions have been cleared.

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